Methane is invisible, odorless, and slightly lighter than air. Detecting a leak is incredibly difficult.


Methane is invisible, odorless, and slightly lighter than air.
Detecting a leak is incredibly difficult.

The Opportunity

Why Project Canary?

Currently, there is no real-time data available on air quality at hundreds of thousands of remote oil and gas well locations across the nation. Methane, the primary constituent in natural gas, is lighter than air, odorless, and invisible, making leaks extremely difficult to detect.

Scientists have been working to develop ways to detect methane leaks for years. Methane is visible only in the deep infrared spectrum, which is why virtually every methane sensor utilizes some form of optical technology.

Project Canary is different.

Infrared cameras and optical sensors are expensive and power-hungry. The industry needs a solution that is scalable, simple to deploy, and always on—like a smoke detector in your home.

Canary continuously monitors for unintended leaks of methane and VOCs. Powered by the sun, Canary operates for years without service, and eliminates unnecessary trips for random inspections. Canary ensures rapid response when something goes wrong, and streamlines field operations while safeguarding our communities and our planet.

There are nearly 600,000 natural gas wells producing in the US today. These wells are carefully engineered to minimize the risk of natural gas leaks. The companies that operate these wells know that a leak costs them money. Should a mechanical problem occur on a remote site, the producer is highly incentivized to detect and correct the issue as quickly as possible. Project Canary is designed to facilitate early detection. It’s always on watch, reporting every 15 minutes, every hour of every day to the Cloud. Should a leak occur, the producer can quickly and efficiently dispatch personnel to fix the problem.

Methane (CH4) is an exceptionally clean source of energy for our planet. Project Canary will help natural gas producers realize the potential and responsibly develop this important resource for our nation.

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Project Canary offers the first continuous, real time, cost effective monitoring of fugitive gas emissions

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