We provide trusted data required for verifiable ESG reporting and operational analysis. Our objective and independent analysis is a transparent evaluation of an organization’s impact on air, water, land, and community.

Priority to reduce GHG emissions throughout the natural gas supply chain.

Confirmation of responsible Water Stewardship throughout all phases of operations.

Risks associated with operational impacts are understood and mitigated.

Understanding of the local community’s needs and best interests.


We have deployed  a continuous environmental monitoring system that monitors emissions in real time. Whether you are concerned about your methane emissions, Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) levels, ozone issues, or  fugitive emissions, we are here for you. Our rugged, all-weather sensors are located at the corners of the wellsite and transmit your data to the Canary ESG Platform every minute.


The Canary X is the next generation of continuous monitoring technology.

Building on Project Canary’s years of experience in methane leak detection and years of data gathered, the Canary X provides the highest level of precision and accuracy commercially available. The improved sensitivity, measurement frequency, and accuracy improves detection, localization, and quantification of emission sources, allowing our partners to catch and remediate leaks faster than ever. Additionally, the high fidelity data from the Canary X is a vital aspect for most buyers of Responsibly Sourced Gas. 

While improving on the measurement capabilities, the X unit retains the durability and reliability of the Canary S. Each unit is solar powered with ample battery backup, has numerous redundancy features to dramatically reduce downtime, and a simple mounting design to improve the ease of installation and use. 


The Canary-S is a continuous solar powered air quality and meteorological monitoring system designed to be class leading in size, reliability and flexibility. With cellular communication these systems can be placed nearly anywhere to provide measurements on particulate matter, targeted gases and meteorological data.

Multiple units can be deployed to create a network of real-time data captured and stored on the Canary Cloud independent data platform.

Every Canary S unit comes with the capability to add an auto-triggered summa canister. For the first time, operators can pull high quality samples and receive lab grade analysis and speciated VOC at PPB levels for a fraction of the price of utilizing an expensive GC unit.

TrustWell™ Certification

The TrustWell certification begins by collecting data pertaining to inherent risks and control measures.  The data is then separated into the categories of Water, Air, Land, and Community.

Inherent Profile:  Every location and type of operation has different risk factors and drivers, our assessment starts by understanding how this type of operation and locations compare to others via systematically evaluating against our facility datasets.

  • Well complexity
  • Well age and type (vertical, directional, horizontal)
  • ..and more.
  • Flow paths
  • Communities
  • Sensitive areas (environmental, biodiversity)
  • ..and more.

Control Measures: Controls are evaluated at the levels of policy, plan, and execution. We use technical scoring rubrics and compile these rubrics to compose a view of aggregate control systems in place. Our scoring libraries and rubrics include:

  • Surface, intermediate, and production casing
  • Surface, intermediate, and production cement
  • Subsurface integrity monitoring
  • ..and more.
  • Pits-tanks-impoundments
  • Facilities piping & equipment
  • Well control (drilling, completions)
  • ..and more.
  • Emissions (exhaust, flaring, venting)
  • Water programs
  • Community Engagement
  • ..and more.

About Project Canary

Project Canary is the data-driven foundation of the energy ESG marketplace. We accelerate progress to net-zero with continuous monitoring and uncompromising certification technology.

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